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Locationary places: The Google Adsense revenue payouts

Yesterday, 09-11-2010, the 3rd update on the Google Adsense was posted on the forum of www.locationary.com . The Google Adsense of a place will be paid to users if they added that particular place.

Like the image below; If you added the place “Chen’s King Wok”, you will receive 50% of the revenue of that place. The adsense revenue is 7.51 dollar. So the user will receive for that ONE place about 3.20 dollar. This is the adsense of about 2-3 weeks. Imagine you have thousands of places added, you will receive a lot of money. Ofcourse not every place will get the same amount of Adsense revenue, but every little thing helps.
Adsense payments will begin when the site is built (visit the forum to be updated on the progress).  “Join Locationary” and earn a lot of money with adding places. Dont be lazy or think ‘I add places later’, this is a 1 time opportunity, when a place is added, you cant add the place anymore.

Locationary adsense

Or you can acces the site with yourself and browse the 200+ Locationary places that earned Google Adsense: Locationary Ads Google website

Remember the site is still BETA, so join now!!

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