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Last Day: The World’s Place Database Blog Contest

This is the last day of the blog contest. Below the rules Grant (Maker of Locationary) has posted on the forum.

The World’s Place Database Blog Contest

+ Search Keywords: “join Locationary” (in this order including quotation marks)

+ Search Engine to use to determine the Top Blogs: Google.com

+ Blog Platform/Host to Use: any

+ Start Date: today

+ End Date: one month from this post. The time is based on Locationary Forum site system time. Grant will conduct a search and determine the top 5 blogs in the search result.

+ Prizes: 1st Place – $50, 2nd Place – $40, 3rd Place – $30, 4th Place – $20 and 5th Place – $10. Prizes won will be credited to each users’ account.

+ General Blogging Rules

1. The blog should contain as many posts as the author wants. More might be helpful to rankings

2. Any topic is fine

3. The blog post should end with the line displaying the URL to the blog owner’s Locationary page

“Join Locationary” and win prizes, earn shares and play contests like this to make money. Click on my userlink: http://www.locationary.com/users/451773

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